HALO High Gloss Rinse 4 oz by Graham Webb

HALO High Gloss Rinse 4 oz by Graham Webb

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Brand: Graham Webb
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HALO High Gloss Rinse 4 oz by Graham Webb  - will illuminate & protect your hair color. Using this weekly high gloss rinse you will find that it intensifies color vibrancy while maximizing shine & luminosity. Translucent formula wraps each hair strand in a protective gloss for unprecedented vibrancy. Cationic conditioning detects hair's neediest areas to deposit shine where hair needs it most. Speed selective processing delivers results in as little as 5 minutes. Heat & additional time may be used for heightened shine results.
Halo's exclusive Illuminating Color Protection Technology seals in hair color 6 weeks longer, reflects light for 23% more shine and protects for UV & thermal damage.

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