EC Mode Revitalizing Shampoo 12 oz

EC Mode Revitalizing Shampoo 12 oz

Price: $19.95 $15.95
Brand: EC Mode
Product Code: SKU008388
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EC Mode Revitalizing Shampoo 12 oz   is a gentle, daily cleansing shampoo for oxidized hair, especially colored, highlighted, permed, and relaxed/straightened hair. Increases natural sebum production to prevent dry hair & enhances maximum shine. Reconditions hair while it reconditions the water. Gently cleanses while helping to shield hair from chlorine and hard water minerals. Leaves hair soft and manageable with radiant shine. For anyone with hair that is chemically processed using any oxidizer such as peroxide (developer, neutralizer, & bleach) and particularly those who shampoo with hard or softened water.

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