Essie Trillionails Step 3 Daily Nutritional Forumula .5oz

Essie Trillionails Step 3 Daily Nutritional Forumula .5oz

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Brand: Essie
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Essie Trillionails- Daily Nail Nutritional Formula .5oz Nutritional cocktail for balanced, healthy nails.Step 3 daily nutritional formula:The final step in Essie's three part nail strengthening system. Trillionails maintains strong, healthy and gorgeous nails with alpha-hydroxyl acids, vitamins, wheat proteins and avocado oil. One coat revitalizes weak brittle nails and prevents splitting and breakage.Directions for use:Apply Trillionails to clean natural nails, avoiding the cuticle area. Reapply an additional coat of Trillionails every day. Use Trillionails year round to keep nails protected and healthy. Trillionails can also be used as a protective base and top coat with your favorite Essie nail polish. The Essie brand prides itself on offering award winning, fashion forward nail polish colors, unforgettable shade names, high-quality formulas and a superior product selection

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