Goldwell Regulation Energizing Hair Tonic 5 oz

Goldwell Regulation Energizing Hair Tonic 5 oz

Price: $19.95
Brand: Goldwell
Product Code: SKU008535
Availability: 40

Instantly refreshes, revitalizes and cools the scalp with Menthol, Panthenol and Allantoin. Leaves hair full with added body. All Regulation products contain Herbal Milk along with a calming, soothing blend of Chamomile and Nettle Milks. The soothing, gentle properties of Chamomile and Nettle help to ease itching and reduce skin inflammation. Regulation products also feature the unique Y-Shine Complex, an innovative combination of Yogurthene, Panthenol and care polymers that provide unsurpassed shine and condition to the hair.

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