Elchim IL Futuro Blow Dryer

Elchim IL Futuro Blow Dryer

Price: $99.95
Brand: Elchim
Product Code: 836793002576
Availability: 1

Elchim IL Futuro ionic blow dryer, 2000 watts, silver. It offers more power than any other hair dryer available- 2000 watts. It gives you more control by employing two different handling systems. You will also get better results because of the Negative Ion Generator- static free, smooth glossy hair. Static electricity is eliminated. Dust and other pollutants that settle on the hair are neutralized. The absorption of moisture by the air is facilitated, hair stays smooth and shiny longer. Production on negative ions is continuous while dryer is on. Dries hair up to 50% faster. Soft touch key pad provides an intuitive way to control the air/heat volume, and it provides control in the folded position as well. LED ionic power. Removable filter for easy maintenance. Ergonomic folding handle- find the perfect angle to achieve the best styling results. Lateral handle- hold the dryer like a video camera to avoid stress on your wrist, elbow, neck, and shoulders while maintaining full control- handle swings from side to side.

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