Feather Switch Blades Shears 6 inch

Feather Switch Blades Shears 6 inch

Price: $59.95
Product Code: 490247028002
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Feather Switch Blades Shears 6 inch - Feather offers a shear that is always sharp…always perfectly balanced…always ready for the most precise and creative cut your clients expect from you. You never waste valuable time sending in dull shears out to be sharpened. When Feather blades begin to dull (in 9 to 12 months) simply snap new Feather razor sharp blades and continue cutting. The blades are made of high quality stainless steel and ice tempered for long lasting sharpness. The exclusive No-Nip Tip is designed to eliminate accidental nipping your fingers. The shear frame is an indestructible precision balanced, stainless steel frame that will never warp, bend or corrode.

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