Hempz Body Wash Rosemary & Mint 9 oz

Hempz Body Wash Rosemary & Mint 9 oz

Price: $14.95
Brand: Hempz
Product Code: SKU008678
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Hempz Body Wash Rosemary & Mint 9 oz If you are looking for a gentle body wash that still leaves your skin feeling awake and revived, then you need to try Hempz Rosemary & Mint Herbal Body Wash. The gentle cleansing of unique body wash leaves your skin clean without stripping away natural moisture and oils. The combination of 100% pure natural hemp seed oil, natural herbal extracts and powerful antioxidants are ideal for all skin types. Hemp seed oil nourishes and moisturizes, while rosemary leaf and mint extract energize your skin, leaving it feeling cool and awake. In addition, this product is free from paraben, gluten and THC.

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