Nexxus Assure Replenishing Nutrient Shampoo 5 oz

Nexxus Assure Replenishing Nutrient Shampoo 5 oz

Price: $6.95
Brand: Nexxus
Product Code: SKU009353
Availability: 1

Nexxus Assure Replenishing Nutrient Shampoo 5 oz - Color Assure Replenishing Nutrient Shampoo helps color treated hair maintain its optimal healthy shine by infusing the hair with time released nutrients. Color Assure is fortified with NexxuSphere technology, to provide the sustained delivery of vitamins, vegetable ceramides, avocado oil, essential fatty acids and soybean lipids. These nourishing ingredients effectively combat the daily stresses from harsh environmental elements including heat, sunlight and pollutants. Color Assure dramatically improves color treated hair's radiance, softness and strength. Fortified with NexxuSpheres. Advanced microsphere technology provides the gradual release of hair strengthening ceramides, replenishing nutrients, antioxidants and UV protectors. A Nexxus exclusive, this breakthrough, time release feature gives hair sustained health, radiance, and wellness.

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