Phytopanama Gentle Shampoo w/Guillaja Bark 6.7oz

Phytopanama Gentle Shampoo w/Guillaja Bark 6.7oz

Price: $21.95
Brand: Phytologie
Product Code: SKU009484
Availability: 5

Phytopanama Gentle Shampoo with Guillaja Bark 6.7oz Hair Prone To Oiliness. Traditionally used for its lathering properties, saponin-rich Quillaja Bark (or soap bark) is one of the rare 100% natural washing agents. Phytopanama boasts a "blotter effect" thanks to a 65% Quallaja Bark decoction that helps absorb excess sebum without causing reactive hyper-seborrhea. Recommended for oily scalp that requires frequent, gentle, washing, Phytopanama leaves hair more supple and with added bounce.

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