Graham Webb Halo Volumizing Conditioner 2.1oz

Graham Webb Halo Volumizing Conditioner 2.1oz

Price: $9.95
Brand: Graham Webb
Product Code: 793413137110
Availability: 12
Graham Webb Halo Volumizing Conditioner 2.1oz - GREAT REFILLABLE TRAVEL SIZE - will illuminate and protect your hair color. With using this volumizing conditioner you will restore your hairs moisture balance for enhanced health, shine and softness. Bodifying proteins molecularly fuse with the hair's own chemistry, adding to the overall thickness of each strand. Inside the hairshaft, Panthenol reinforces the hair's bonds, while attracting enormous quantities of moisture that swell the hairshaft for heightened volume. Occlusive conditioning of Safflower Seed maintains hair's volume, keeping your style uplifted throughout the day. Cumulative volumizing occurs with each shampooing for ongoing, volumizing care.

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